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Wuthering Waves APK 1.0.0 Lastest Version for Android

Wuthering Waves APK is action role playing game that bring you epic tidal beetle. Game will give you many possibility to conquer star to unlock many new power.

Name Wuthering Waves
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Version 1.0.0
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Wuthering Waves APK – Participate in fast paced battle between warrior

Are you look for mobile game that take you new world? Look no further than Wuthering Waves APK, indie adventure game inspired by classic like Stardew Valley. After that, you are free sail around vast sea, search for material like wood and ore. Player will use these resource craft new tool and upgrade for their boat. Mod version allow you to free explore mysterious island fill with resource collect and character meet.

Wuthering Waves APK

Introducing Wuthering Wave APK

Wuthering Waves APK is expansive action role playing game rich in story high degree of freedom. Vast world with countless possibility await. CHoice is in your hand. Player will meet teammate, defeat enemy, gain new power, discover hidden truth and witness never before seen scene.

Above shore lie silent fire of world dure Ebb Tide. But they counterattacked, strong enough pierce silence. Humanity has risen from ashes of apocalypse. As sound of Wuthering Waves echoes end, humanity begin new journey. And you, Rover, are ready for adventure of awakening. Be answer, be leader and allow sound to new future.

Highlights in Wuthering Waves APK

Explore unique story

Game has unique story with detail design character. It will be Wuthering Waves strong point that make player constant curious. Helping you choose support certain character or visit their village expand your knowledge. So will give player opportunity explore fictional island culture and learn more about each resident past through dialogue.

Experience fascinate combat system

Coming to game helping Wuthering Waves APK develop mass. Game combat and resource search system is design simply, not too complicate. Helping user just need touch to interact, does not require high control skill. Will helping everyone easy participate in experience no stress or impatience.

Wuthering Wave APK

Main feature in Wuthering Waves MOD

Explore vast open world

Provide player with resource and character wait in each new land. With over dozen biomes like forest, beach and volcano explore. Player may be then free sail around beautiful archipelago on their boat. Explore new procedurally generate island every day.

Collect and craft 

Player will have enhance tool that allow access rarer resource. Helping player search for wood, stone, herb and other material on island. They are then use craft tool, upgrade and other useful item like fish rod or campfire.

Character interaction

With in game mission come reward and content for interaction. Player may be help or trade with local learn more about world rich love. Voiced NPC live on island, each with it own storyline explore.

Upgrade and progress

Game will keep exploration fresh and engage throughout duration of game. As player accumulate resource and complete mission. Their character ship, tool and skill will increase grant. New island and activity become accessible as you stretch your resource unlock then and progress with upgrade.

Wuthering Waves MOD

Useful tips when playing Wuthering Waves Android

  • Focus on upgrade union level: Union level is main progress level of account. Will receive rarer resource form monster and quest.
  • Use your waveplate: Waveplate regenerate one point every six minutes and any waveplate after 240 point will be waste. So is Wuthering Waves energy system, limit 240 at launch.
  • Upgrade terminal collect and equip rare echo: Terminal is separate upgrade system complete different from union level and it focus on echo.
  • Through discovery: Secret and valuable item are often well hidden. And can be miss if you are just pass by quickly.

Advantages and disadvantages of Wuthering Waves APK


  • Adventure and explorate gameplay, combine engage role playing action give player excite experience with unique gameplay.
  • Large map with many interest location for player explore many new location in game.
  • Diverse character system, each character has their own skill and personality.


  • Wuthering Waves is online game, so player need stable internet connect best experience game.
  • It may be take long time progress in game similar other game.
Wuthering Waves Android


Wuthering Waves APK is perfect solution for those who want experience thrill of surfing. But there may not be access ocean or suitable surf condition. Let you embark on virtual surfing adventure feel adrenaline rush as you ride wave. Wuthering Waves Download APK now and, perform trick and complete with other surfer.

Download Wuthering Waves

Download (1.1 GB)

You are now ready to download Wuthering Waves for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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