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KAMLA Horror Game APK (Free Download) for Android

KAMLA Horror Game APK is dramatic and tense horror game, giving players unforgettable experiences.

Name KAMLA Horror Game
Publisher Mad-Mantra Games
Size 2.5 GB
Version 2.0
MOD Info Free Download, Latest Version

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KAMLA Horror Game APK – Horror adventure full of tension and engaging challenges

Welcome to world of KAMLA Horror Game APK, where fear and excitement collide bring you unforgettable gaming adventure. In article, we will delve into features, gameplay and overall engaging experience of thrilling horror game.

KAMLA Horror Game APK

Introducing KAMLA Horror Game APK

KAMLA Horror Game APK is dramatic and engaging horror game, giving players breathtakingly scary experience. With mysterious plot and carefully invested horror element, game will definitely satisfy those who are passionate about horror game genre.

In KAMLA Horror Game APK, you will play role of brave adventurer search for truth behind mysterious death of Kamla village. Village is haunted by evil spirit and strange thing are going on. Your mission is uncover mysteries, solve puzzles and avoid dangers find truth.

Main features when KAMLA Horror Game APK download for android

Enter unknown world

KAMLA Indian Horror Game APK takes you on spine chilling journey into depths of darkness. With vivid and hauntingly realistic graphics, you will be transported world full of suspense and terror. Brace yourself as you move through strange environments, solve challenging puzzles and encounter terrifying creatures lurking in shadows.

Solve puzzles with diverse levels

KAMLA Horror Game APK challenges you through complex puzzles and logic problems. You will must use your intelligence and judgment advance further in game. However, puzzle levels will be explored from easiest to hardest.

Strategic resource management

As KAMLA Horror Game Download For Android Free APK, player must strategically manage his limited resources. From finding and using items hiding and evading enemies. Players must make quick and wise decisions survive. This adds extra layer of challenge and intensity gameplay.

KAMLA Horror Game Download APK

Dynamic sound design

Sound design of KAMLA Horror Game APK plays vital role in creating truly engaging experience. With high quality sound effects and creepy background music, players are completely immersed in atmosphere of fear and tension. Every sound will make you shiver, enhancing overall thrill of game.

Highlights when KAMLA Horror Game APK free download

  • Explore vast and creepy environment of abandoned asylum. Explore hidden rooms, secret areas and surprises.
  • Manage your character health and sanity as you navigate horrifying world. Search for items and resources stay alive and healthy.
  • Game has multiple endings, depending on player choices and actions throughout game. Play through game multiple times unlock all different endings.

Tips to play KAMLA Horror Game APK

  • Always have lights with you: Light is very important part of game. Make sure you alway have something light up area, like flashlight or torch, help you see scary thing around you.
  • Pays attentions noise: Listen may be help you know when something bad is close. Be very careful and move fast if you hear any strange sound like footstep or unusual noise.
  • Look around careful: Do not hurry through place in game. Check every little spot, open all door and look for important thing like key or piece solve puzzle. You might find clue help you move forward in game.
KAMLA Horror Game APK free download

Advantages and disadvantages of KAMLA Horror Game Download APK


  • Game has creepy and immersive atmosphere will keep you on edge of your seat.
  • Enemies in game are very scary and will make you jump out of your seat.
  • Gameplay is engaging and challenge, with good balance between exploration, puzzle solve and combat.
  • Impressive graphic, with detail environment and realistic character model.
  • Plot is well written and will keep you interested in game.


  • Some players found gameplay was bit short and they wished there was more content.
  • Some players found some puzzles were too easy and they wished there were more challenging puzzles.

Actual player reviews about game KAMLA Horror Game APK

I do not get scared easily, but game had me on edge from start finish. Atmosphere is so creepy and jump scares are expertly timed. Puzzles are challenging but not frustratingly difficult and story is genuinely engaging. Game is really well pace and keep you on your toe. Graphic are amazing and sound design is great. Definitely worth playing if you are horror fan.

KAMLA Horror Game APK download for android


KAMLA Horror Game APK is game not to be missed for fans of horror genre. With beautiful graphics vivid sound and engaging storyline. Game promises bring memorable experiences. Download KAMLA Horror Game APK and explore mystery of haunted village.

Download KAMLA Horror Game

Download (2.5 GB)

You are now ready to download KAMLA Horror Game for free. Here are some notes:

  • Please read our MOD Info and installation instructions carefully for the game & app to work properly
  • Read the FAQ carefully for more details
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